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Chalybeate Springs Sports Complex
Disc Golf Course
Edmonson County KY
Directions from
PDGA Website
Established 2004
Designed and built by HB Clark

Over any fence is out of bounds
No 2- meter rule on this course
Roads, walks and beyond OB

Hole 1        300        Road to left and walk to right and beyond OB
Hole 2        255        Fence to left and walk to right OB
Hole 3        280        Walk to right OB
Hole 4        185        MANDO: Must be over lower walk
                       and left and short of long walk
Hole 5        200        Walk to right OB
Hole 6        205        Walk to right and far left OB
Hole 7        125        Walk behind is OB
Hole 8        150        Walk to left and right is OB
Hole 9        295        Walk to left and beyond OB
Hole 10        220        Fence on right is OB
Hole 11        365        Walk to right is OB
Hole 12        265        Walk beyond and to right is OB
Hole 13        175        Walk to left and beyond is OB
Hole 14        140        Creek is OB
Hole 15        205        Creek is OB, walk to left is OB
Hole 16        180        Walk is NOT OB
Hole 17        290        Walk to left is OB
Hole 18        225        Walk to left is OB
Course will be closed for
public play April 2
while hosting
The 2018 Amateur
Championships at
Bowling Green
Course sponsor:
Cam Todd

For the Bg ams:
A long 18 hole layout
will be used for
Advanced Men and
Advanced Masters:

(details coming soon)

Pool I (women and SR)
will play origional 18
hole layout.